As Filmmakers for over 15 years, we’ve customized our camera movement platforms for precise and maximum movement depending on what the shot calls for. Our platforms are completely customizable so that we can lift high end, cinema cameras such as Red Weapon or Alexa Mini, while giving our clients full freedom on lenses choices. Our heavy lifter fleet allows us to lift up to 20 lbs. payloads.


Alta 6 – “Ground View”

The Freefly System ALTA flies like no other. “Stability” is her middle name. When using the ALTA and MoVi gimbal system together, they fly as one.

We’re able to carry up to 15 lbs. of payload. This includes many different cameras. To name a few: Red Weapon, Alex Mini, Black Magic Cinema, Ursa Mini, DSLRs and more.

The ALTA allows us to carry these cinema cameras like the traditional “ground view.” Ground view offers a full 360 degrees panning rotation, along with 150 degrees (depending on the focal length) tilting ability.

Alta 6 – “Sky View”

The ALTA is the world’s first drone to be able to fly the camera above the drone, therefore offering “Sky View.”

What makes the ALTA so professional and amazing is it’s ability to switch from traditional “ground view” to “sky view” in just a few minutes. This gives the director and/or DP unlimited creative ability.

In “Sky View” we have the same 360 degree panning ability, along with the same 150 degree tilting (depending on the focal length).

Cinema Cameras

Our in-house camera is the Red Scarlet-W and is fully dialed in with our aerial platforms.

We also fly a whole array of other cinema cameras including:

  • Red – Dragon/Raven/Weapon/Helium
  • Arri Alexa Mini
  • Canon C-Series
  • Ursa Mini
  • Black Magic Cinema
  • DSLRs

Cinema Glass

We use our in-house Rokinon cinema primes. They are sharp and light weight which is perfect for the aerial industry.

We can also fly other glass depending on the weight.  Some of these lenses include:

  • Zeiss Compact Primes
  • Canon CN-E Primes
  • Cooke Primes

Freefly MōVIs

The M15/M5 were designed to easily mount to the ALTA. Combining the MōVI M15/M5 with our drone aircraft allows for incredible low level aerial sequences.

All MōVIs were built to be as light as possible while still retaining the ability to carry full cinema packages. This means we can move the camera like never before, whether we’re flying at ultra slow speeds or flying at impressively fast speeds.

Connex HD Wireless Downlink

The CONNEX system provides us clean 1080p HD video feed, live. We have multiple receivers so we can setup multiple monitors for directors and DPs (video village).

With the Connex, we have a solid HD feed for up to 1,500′ LOS (line of sight).

The Connex, along with our 28″ DIT monitor provides an immersive experience for any director/DP.

Dodge Promaster 2500

drone-truck-vidmuzeNow being a pro when flying a drone is only part of the “professional” equation. The other part is being a pro when managing your drones, charging LiPo batteries and certainly providing a DIT setup for the client.

Our custom built Dodge Promaster 2500 Series provides all of that and more!

When we roll up on set with our “VidMuze Mobile,” clients are always impressed and then feel even more confident with our droning abilities.

Having the proper tools and backup drones in this industry is what separates us from everyone else.

Let us provide you cutting edge aerial cinema for your productions.
We look forward to working with you!

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