River Rafting Aerials

After driving deep into the Smokey Mountains, we came to a perfect clearing for us to film aerials of folks rafting down the French Broad River with French Broad Rafting & Ziplines.

rafting-aerials-french-broad-riverThe air was peaceful, and the sun was shinning bright through the trees.  This gave a soft amount of light as “golden hour” evolved away.

There were 20 boats that were heading down river so we had plenty of opportunity to film the rafting groups. Since the river was about 200 ft across, we didn’t have to worry much about trees and other obstacles.

Once we spotted the first raft, we quickly launched the heavy lifter multi-rotor into the air and got into position.  We flew over towards the first boat, which at this point was just entering the rapids.  As we pushed forward up river, I heard James, our gimbal operator, get excited about how epic the shot was.  Tempted to look at his monitor, and sneak a quick peak… but as a pilot, never take your focus off your job.  Pilots need to learn to appreciate playbacks.

A lot of the rafters looked really excited and they all sounded like they were having a blast!  We continued flying down river, flying parallel with the rafters.  We even had fun watching them have fun.  A win win!

rafting-aerials-vidmuzeRyan, James, Mike & Jamie