Red Bull Dreamline

So where can you find world’s most professional BMX bikers being thrown 40ft into the air?… At the Red Bull Dreamline in Brevard North Carolina, that’s where!  So yes, it’s cool enough watching world professional BMX bikers rip down a mountain and blasted off a ramp while performing some insane tricks in the air.  But to be able to film this from the air… there’s not much better then this!

redbull-vidmuze-aerialsThere were 3,000 Red Bull fans that came out for the event, which only makes capturing aerials even more satisfying.  With drones (a.k.a. multi-rotors) still being somewhat of a novelty for most, it’s always fun to fly in front of a crowd of people, only to hear them yell with excitement as we blast high in the sky.

Red Bull Dreamline had taken an old farm in Brevard, and turned into a BMX biker’s heaven.  With several weeks of prep, the Red Bull team built an insane BMX stunt track!  It was gorgeous!

redbull-dreamline-vidmuze-aerialsThe weather was pretty nice.  Fairly warm with low wind.  Towards the middle of the day it did start to rain which delayed the event slightly.  Thankfully the rain passed and the sky opened up with some great lighting.  Some of the leaves were still on the trees, beaming with their vibrant fall colors.

It was a good day!