Queens Cup Horse Race

We had a blast filming over at the Queens Cup Steeplechase in Charlotte, North Carolina.  It was quite an experience filming horses from the air and in such a large environment!

Now because the crowds were positioned more on the outside of the track, we had full reign on the inside of the track.  The NSA was even gracious enough to let us fly over the track behind the horses. There were six races.  Each race lasted about 4 minutes, so we had about two passes to capture from each race.

It’s certainly more difficult to fly multi rotors at a live action event where you have only one shot opportunity, so you better make it count.  The pressure was high, but it still was a blast.

We had both ships running, the S800 with GH2 and the Skyjib 2 with the 7D.  I’m really looking forward to doing it again next year.  Then we’ll have to shoot with the GH4 at 4K as well as get two flight teams running at the same time.  As long as we’re at opposite ends of the track, we won’t interfere with each other and it will give us twice the amount of coverage.

One of the fun things on shoots with this many people, is how much the multi rotor is a crowd pleaser.  We probably had 50 people come up to us asking all sorts of questions.  The most asked question was, “Can it deliver beer?”  People are great!

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