Outcast | Cinemax Show

Back in February, we had the pleasure of shooting aerials for the brand new Cinemax show, Outcast. We were brought on to capture some aerial shots to be used in the awesome main title sequence by Elastic. As it turns out, two of our shots are the first thing viewers will see when they tune in to watch Outcast every week.

The first shot in the opening sequence is an aerial starting on a bright sky, then tilting down to the townscape below… except the whole shot is upside down. The title sequence does a great job of setting the tone of the show by creating a sense of unease, and one of the ways that it does this is by flipping or rotating shots in subversive ways. The second shot of the sequence, also one of ours, was cleverly rotated on its side. This was adapted from a shot in which we curved around the spire of a church to reveal another church in the background; a cool enough shot on its own, but mind-bending when rotated on its side.

We love what Elastic and the Outcast team has done with our footage, because it highlights how aerials can be adapted to fit any project with any mood. So often we see aerials used simply as grand establishing shots meant to inspire awe. And we love capturing those. But it’s exciting to see our work used in such a different capacity, and it’s a good example of how the possibilities of drone aerial cinematography are still unfolding.

For our day of Outcast aerials in York, SC, we lifted the RED Epic Dragon and Rokinon lenses with a Freefly Systems Alta heavy lifter.

Outcast premieres on Friday, June 3rd, but Cinemax has posted the pilot on YouTube to promote the show. Check out the opening title sequence to see the aerial cinematography we captured with our drone. Outcast was created by Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead, and stars Wrenn Schmidt, Patrick Fugit, and Philip Glenister.

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