NatGeo Wild

We were able to take part in the “bird release” that NatGeo Wild with the Discovery Channel was hosting.  We teamed up with Virtual Image and showed up in Rockingham, NC at a rock quarry.  In the quarry, there were several man-made lakes that were crystal clear to where the water actually looked turquoise.  Pretty wild looking.

discovery-channel-logoOnce all of the birds were loaded on the shore line and getting ready to be launched, I had only one thought in mind, “What’s going to happen if one of these birds flies into our props?”  Most animals are quite cautious of our multi rotors due to the unit’s large size and noise.  Thankfully no birds were harmed that day.

The director of the show seemed to enjoy the multi rotor the most.  It was her first time every working with a drone, and she seemed so excited about the results.  She’ll be using multi rotors again for sure!

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