Myrtle Beach Hospital System

We had a great three day aerial video shoot in Myrtle Beach, SC with a really cool company, Big Fish Presentations.

These guys were awesome to work with.  Hearing what aerial shots they wanted, we were able to brainstorm with them to optimize every shot.

aerial-video-myrtle-beach-sunrise-vidmuzeDay 1 included an early call time of 5:45am.  Yes, this was a sunrise shot.  After priming the Red Dragon camera, along with our Skyjib heavy lifter octocopter, we were waiting patiently on Myrtle’s beach.  Once the sun finally appeared over the earth’s horizon, we were airborne.

Anytime we film during “golden hour,” I’m always blown away at the final outcome of our footage.  It usually ends up better then I had imagined it.

aerial-video-myrtle-beach-vidmuzeDay 2 entailed shooting some establishing shots of one of the main hospitals in Myrtle Beach.  This building was a bit tricky since there were large pains of glass throughout the front of the building.  This is when we need to get creative by using longer lenses and shooting at various angles so that our drone is not seen in the reflection of the glass.

The wind had picked up a bit, but it wasn’t any issue for our heavy lifter.

Day 3 was my most favorite.  Our clients needed shots of the pier and swamp areas right out side of Myrtle Beach.  This is where we got to play.  I always enjoy playing in wide open spaces… more speed, more power!  We even got to fly under the pier.  Brilliance!

We wrapped out the night with some beautiful sunset shots of the marshland located in the sound.  Job well done everyone!

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