GE Capital TV Spot

We had a blast shooting at a wood processing plant in Old Fort, NC for a TV spot for GE Capital, K2 Productions and Virtual Image.

ge_capitcal-spotThe wind was picking up all morning, which never puts a smile on my face.  After a few hours the film crew was ready for us to bring out the octocopter.  We flew Red Epic with Canon and Summicron cinema lenses.  There’s good news and bad news when using Summicron lenses.  The glass is beautiful and the image quality astonishing, the shear weight for aerials, painfully heavy.  These lenses by themselves are pushing 3 lbs. a piece.  The DP needed the 50mm prime so we could capture some nice parallaxing effects on the watch tower that we were flying around.  The entire payload was over 16 lbs. by the time we got the camera body, lens and ND filter all loaded on the BG Flex F10 gimbal.  When flying with something that heavy, your aerial ship needs to be extremely rigid.  This was the job for our Droidworx Skyjib 2.  As I’ve said before, this ship is like a tank of the skies.

The TV spot turned out really well.  When we spoke with the director, they were talking about doing a documentary of the entire GE Capital process.  I looking forward to seeing that.

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