Dupont Waterfall Aerials

waterfall-aerials-vidmuzeThe sky was peaceful as the sun rose above the Blue Ridge mountains at the waterfalls in Dupont, North Carolina.  This was going to be a good day.

Once we assembled the octocopter, James dialed in the Panasonic GH4.  We were shooting with Rokinon lenses today.

After everything was set, we started our descent towards Triple Falls.  Triple Falls is one the of several locations where The Hunger Games was filmed.  There are plenty of beautiful locations here in Dupont.  We shot from the bottom of Triple Falls and flew above all three tiers.  The footage looked really nice!

dupont-aerials-north-carolinaAfter Triple Falls, we hiked up to High Falls.  This is my favorite water fall in Dupont.  This is what makes shooting waterfall aerials so worth it!  There’s a really nice covered bridge on the top of the waterfall, so with the proper movement, we were able to create some great parallax shots.  While we were setting up at High Falls, we gathered quite a crowd of curious hikers very interested in the octocopter.  I’m amazed at how many people still have not seen a multirotor in person.  This is slowly changing as multirotors are being used more and more in the cinema industry.

Once High Falls was completed, we continued around Dupont and filmed at Bald Rock, a creek and lastly a beautiful lake that sits on top of the mountain.

The shots we captured were simply stunning!  Job well done!