BMW PC Aerials

It was an early and sunny morning, arriving at the BMW Performance Center in South Carolina.  We were working with bigVision Communications and Virtual Image today.

bmw_aerials_vidmuzeBMW wanted to show off their facility along with their motorcycle training course.  I was really impressed the facility overall.  Presentation is everything for BMW.  True signs of professionalism.

We flew our hexacopter with Panasonic GH2.  Once the ship was ready, we started our flights.  With golden hour arriving, we were able to capture some beautiful warm cinematic shots of the performance track.  The lighting was perfect!

Once the facilities were filmed, we moved onto the motorcycle course.  We filmed on both the paved and dirt tracks.  The dust was a little rough at times, but with the steady wind, we were able to keep most of the dust off our multirotor.

After breaking for lunch, our team was privileged with a hot lap (racing around the race track).  I will say this, the best 5 minutes of the day!!!  It was a heck of a ride… whipping around the track in a BMW M3.  The g-force was pretty amazing.  If you ever have a chance to ride on their track… do it.

bmw_aerial_video_vidmuzeOnce our adrenaline subsided, we continued shooting aerials on the motorcross track, trying to keep up with 50mph BMW bikes.  At the end of the day we were able to do some FPV flying while chasing the motorcycles on a dirt track.  An epic and cinematic ending to the day for sure!

Overall, awesome day, epic footage… job well done!

Check out the final video here.