Reverie | Short Film

The latest aerial video shoot took place in Winstin-Salem, NC with some college students from UNCSA (Filmmaking School).  They were working on a senior film project which required some epic aerials.  How original.

We shot with a Red Dragon along with Zeiss super speeds.  There were three main shots involving shooting near downtown Winston-Salem, a cornfield and a neighborhood.

These shots are visual effects plates, meaning they are raw plates that visual effects will be added later.  It was great hearing these students explain what the master shots were going to look like, and then seeing the final completed shots… well worth it!

While we were filming the last shot, we had a small gathering of teenage kids who wandered over to see the drone up close.  I always enjoy when people gather to get a better look at these awesome tools we’re privileged to use.  Drones still impress me to this day.  The technology never gets old!

That’s a wrap for aerial videos in Winston-Salem, NC.