Red Oak Recovery Mountain

Today we had a local shoot which doesn’t happen that often, so it was nice to work close to home.  We got to shoot aerial video in Brevard, NC as well as on Lake Fontana.

aerial-video-brevard-nc-vidmuzeWe shot in three different locations.  The first was a sunrise at the top of a mountain ridge.  Beautiful morning fog was rolling in like a flying carpet.  And yes, I did fly through it a time or two… couldn’t resist.

The second location was at the Red Oak Recovery center located near Brevard NC.  This center being in the heart of the mountains makes it a beautiful place to be one with nature.  The Red Oak Recovery Center has some great people who work there and love their work.  It’s quite a ministry!

The third location was shooting aerial video at Lake Fontana.  Another boating excursion.  This time we got to take off and land from a pontoon boat.  Thankfully limited wind and no waves since we were on a mountain lake.  The third location entailed filming our talent in canoes.  Flying over water is always a thrill!  Clients loved the footage.  Always a great sign!  Thats a wrap!

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