Gaia Farms Documentary

With another early call time, we arrived at Gaia Farms in Brevard, NC to shoot aerial videos.  Today we were flying the C300 with our Skyjib 8 custom built heavy lifter drone.

drone-aerial-videos-brevard-gaia-vidmuze-c300We mounted the Canon C300 on our MoVi gimbal.  I need to give Freefly Systems credit, their gimbal systems are the best on the market!  Not only do they give us the flexibility that we need when mounting cameras, but they also allow us to mount various lenses.  So when we’re shooting aerials with a 24mm lens, and its time to swing a lens and mount an 85mm, the stability is still there.

Today we shot mostly with the 35mm and 50mm.  I think the 50mm is my favorite lens… some great parallaxing!  Not too much, but not too little.  Great stuff… cinematic and epic to say the least.

Our clients today were Bonesteel Films.  They’re a great film production company that specializes in documentaries.  Its always great working with clients that provide live feedback during an aerial video shot.  Paul (Owner of Bonesteel Films) is always great to work with.  He knows what he wants, and we love executing the shots he needs.

Today our talent was… flowers.  Millions and millions of echinacea flowers!  So much color!  Amazing to be flying 20 mph and only 5 feet off the ground during golden hour in an echinacea field.  We made one pass at 400 ft in the air and caught a 20 mph tailwind… giving us a max speed of 60 mph!  Yeah, ok maybe a bit too fast.  Either way, it worked and it was epic!  Shooting aerial videos in Brevard always seems to be a thing of beauty.

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