Aerial Real Estate

One thing that real estate agents are finding out more and more is the fact that aerial cinematography adds a lot of production value to their “house tour” videos.  A lot of real estate companies have purchased their own quadcopters and shoot with gopros.  This is not best for several reasons:

  1. They’re not filmmakers, so they don’t have the cinematographer’s eye to capture the best cinematic angle and camera blocking then we’ve been doing this for over 15 years.
  2. They’re not professional multi rotor pilots, and this will hinder their over all flight negatively, additionally they’re at high risk of property damage.
  3. They are not a trained team of experts with a 3 axis gimbal and cinematic cameras so their overall camera movement and video quality is going to carry a low budget feel.

When it comes to aerial real estate, we’re not about just filming aerials outside, but we also film the interior of the structor as well.  We have the flexibility to mount our 3 axis gimbals to our multi rotors in addition to converting it into a hand held unit for filming on the ground.  This along with our cinematic cameras (Red Epic, GH4 or Black Magic Cinema), we can capture everything the house has to offer.

Once we have all of the footage that we need, we’ll also edit the footage with music and titles to complete the production and deliver an entire “turn key” product.  Real estate agents are really in favor of this since it saves them from having to do anything with the footage and they end up with a complete product where they can post online anywhere.

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